Do It Again!

Feast on the testimonies of God’s goodness daily!

When a testimony isn’t ‘mine’, I’ll make it mine; I’ll claim it, because testimony means: “God can do it again!

In my life! In yours!

The Hebrew word for ‘testimony’ comes from a word that means ‘witness’; someone who gives evidence. This word again derives from a primitive root, meaning ‘to return, to repeat, to do again.’

A testimony isn’t supposed to stay by itself as ‘that one time’. A testimony is to be repeated, to grow, to multiply!!

When I hear a testimony of something good God has done to someone somewhere, it is an invitation extended to me to see this repeated in and around me.


The Party

We all have something special to offer to the world around us.

Something unique. Something very much needed. Something pivotal. 

Maybe it’s hard to believe that you are that important. Or that quiet guy you’ve sat next to numerous times in church or in school, but still know virtually nothing about. 

But it’s true.

Some people throw parties all the time. You get to go to their place and see all of them; the best, the worst, the crazy. 

Others, like me, are still either waiting or learning to do so. We have a place, it’s not that. We have space. We have what it takes. But somehow the place is still empty, or not very crowded. A big table is set for a big party. But who is there to enjoy it? No one or not very many. 

I’m done. I’m so done waiting – waiting for others to crack me open, to get me, to wait. 

Instead, I will send out the invitations – everywhere! You are invited! You are invited into my life, to see me, just the way I am! 

I want to throw you a party, because I can! I want to shower you with joy, with laughter, with delicacies, with fun!

I want you to come and do life with me! I want you to see the real me, even if it’s scary for me to take off my mask, my veil, and to be real. 

Welcome! Have a drink, please sit down, make some new friends, reunite with old ones. 

Soon, we’ll have a feast, and we’ll all enjoy hanging out with our guest of honor – Jesus!

He’s so glad you could make it to my party!

And I’m telling you, you’ve never seen Him quite the way you will see Him today.


Because you have never seen Him through me before.

He loves parties by the way. And He goes to all kinds of them, hosted by numerous people! Every party has a special flavor. Every party is worth being attended. Every party shows Him off in a very special way. 

You are invited to my party. 

Can I come to yours?