Sowing Seeds of Faith

When I first receive a breakthrough in a certain area, for instance physical healing, this testimony is meant to be shared with others around me, so that they too can receive breakthrough.

A specific testimony of God’s goodness is like a seed. Keep it to yourself and you still have the seed, but if you sow it, that one seed can and will grow and multiply!

A testimony is like a seed of faith – it gives whoever hears it a chance to see and believe for something they couldn’t see or believe for just a moment before.

I also need to actively remind myself of the testimony I have in a certain area. For instance, several years ago I was asked to pray for a lady with a toothache, and her pain went away when I prayed for her. Naturally, this was very encouraging to both of us. Ever since then, it’s been really easy for me to pray for teeth, and to expect to see healing in that area. Often, I will tell the person I’m praying for about what I have seen before, so that they too will be encouraged, and have expectation of God’s goodness to manifest in their bodies.

Since I have seen the goodness of God manifesting itself once, I can expect God to manifest in the same manner again – and again and again.

I only need to remember this and expect Him to show up. If I don’t recall my testimonies, I might encounter a situation I’ve been in before, without seeing a solution for it.

If I for instance meet someone today with a toothache and do not recall what I have seen in the past, it will probably be more challenging for me to ask to pray for that person and believe for their healing.

Or, if I didn’t know God heals today, what are the chances I would even consider praying for someone’s healing?!?

But because I have received testimony from others that He does indeed heal today, I know that “He can do it again”!


Date Time

Monday morning and I’ve already been on a smoking hot date! 

Yes, that’s correct. A date. 

There’s nothing I like better than starting the day (and week) with a date, being loved on 

by the one I love.

He simply loves to tell and show me, over and over, how much he loves me, and why. 

My love is gentle, compassionate, faithful, strong, and a lot of fun! 

Some moments are so tender and sweet. He gently caresses me. He holds me in his arms,

and I know everything will be ok. 

The next moment he’ll make me laugh. Hard. 

No one can make me laugh the way he does. 

I get to see him whenever I want to. 

And sometimes he surprises me; comes when I don’t even expect it. 

After each date I’m in a daze. All I can think of is him. 

He makes all things beautiful, filled to the brim with hope and opportunity! 

Can you blame me for seeing the world around me this way!?

I’m in love!