Cake For Everybody! Part 2

Part of being in community with people is seeing how others you know are being celebrated, favored, and straight out blessed. Right in front of you.

Time for a moment of truth:

I haven’t always found it easy to instantly go into celebration mode whenever someone else have had their socks blessed off.

Even when I know I should be leaping with joy, do cartwheels around the block, and shout until my voice is gone, it doesn’t mean I feel like doing so.

Something in me reasons that when someone else are celebrated, favored and blessed, there’s less left for me. There’s not enough to go around. Someone else received what I also needed and wanted, and therefore, I can’t have it, or as much of it as I desired. A spirit of poverty, rejection and comparison takes root in my heart (if I let it).

The truth is, there is enough to go around; more than enough.

There’s cake for everybody!

Instead of feeling that I miss out on anything, I am reminded that because I choose to go and celebrate someone else, I also get a reward (the party and what it has to offer).

The celebration of someone else is also a testimony that good things do indeed happen. I’ll wait a bit longer, and those good things will surely come my way.




Cake For Everybody!

There’s cake for everybody, did you know that?

When you go to a birthday party, there is one particular person being celebrated that day. He or she will probably receive some gifts.

They will get the most attention. They are the ones whose lives are celebrated that day. 

But you get to be at a party. There will be fun, games, cake and other treats. All because you chose to go and celebrate your friend! 

Celebrating others always gives a reward, even when it’s not literally raining cake over you. 

As you attend the parties of friends, it will also remind you that your time to be celebrated will come. It’s like a Law. Everyone has a birthday, and yours will come up, even if it is 359 days from now. 

Everyone will get celebrated in due time. And in the meantime..

..there’s cake. Yum.