It’s Not Too Late

Am reminded to share this tonight:

I have experienced some pretty awesome things with God throughout the years – by myself or with other other people – love encounters, creative miracles, great healings, crazy accurate prophetic words, reconciliation and restoration between people, salvation, divine appointments, signs and wonders..

What has become more and more clear to me, however, is how undeserved it all is.

On some days I have been filled with confidence and strength.

Other days I have felt extremely lousy and weak, even filled with shame.

God has helped me and loved on me in whatever situation.

You may read this and feel so bad about yourself and your circumstances that you think God won’t help you or have anything to do with you..

Well, He does! He really does!

When it comes to God’s love, you can’t do anything to deserve it.

Whatever you do, He won’t love you more – or less!

God wants to help you

and He wants to be with you.

He has promised that:

“if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.

For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

For the Scripture says, “Whoever believes on Him will not be put to shame.”

For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek, for the same Lord over all is rich to all who call upon Him.

For “whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

(Romans 10:9-13)

 “Saved” means rescued, healed, and delivered.

It is not too late for you! 

God can come and help you

and turn your whole life around, 

simply because He loves YOU. 



Who’s the coward?

Are you experiencing fear?

Fear is not your friend, someone to partner up with.

Fear is actually really hollow and powerless,

a coward at heart.

Run, and fear will keep chasing you,

surrounding and limiting you more and more. It won’t give you a break.

Confront it, and it will flee!!

Do not give in to fear.

What you fear the most..

In whatever area of life where you’re experiencing a lot of fear and opposition, it is very likely the very area you were born to impact, serve, have dominion over, and thrive in! So pay attention to these things!

If someone wants to take something away from you, it must have value to be worth taking in the first place!

God has given us all gifts with which we can impact, serve, and rule over certain areas entrusted to us (for instance a geographical area, an institution, a family, a neighborhood, an industry, etc). He wants us to enjoy using our gifts and to thrive. He also wants us to partner with Him in blessing and serving other people in numerous ways.

The devil is afraid of what we can do when we do not fear but instead connect with True Love. 

So naturally, he does all he can to stop us from living to the fullest, the way God intended.

One way is through fear.

He hopes to see us simply give up and stop trying. He wants us to think fear is bigger and stronger than God’s everlasting love, and the gifts and calling upon our lives.

He wants us to avoid fear, because then we’ll never do great things in life!

I dare you to look fear in the face and laugh at it!

To jump off that cliff even if you think you’ll die (figuratively speaking)!

Do do not give into fear!

Instead, look for the things in life that scare or challenge you the most, and you just might be looking at your God-given calling and destiny!

Sowing Seeds of Faith

When I first receive a breakthrough in a certain area, for instance physical healing, this testimony is meant to be shared with others around me, so that they too can receive breakthrough.

A specific testimony of God’s goodness is like a seed. Keep it to yourself and you still have the seed, but if you sow it, that one seed can and will grow and multiply!

A testimony is like a seed of faith – it gives whoever hears it a chance to see and believe for something they couldn’t see or believe for just a moment before.

I also need to actively remind myself of the testimony I have in a certain area. For instance, several years ago I was asked to pray for a lady with a toothache, and her pain went away when I prayed for her. Naturally, this was very encouraging to both of us. Ever since then, it’s been really easy for me to pray for teeth, and to expect to see healing in that area. Often, I will tell the person I’m praying for about what I have seen before, so that they too will be encouraged, and have expectation of God’s goodness to manifest in their bodies.

Since I have seen the goodness of God manifesting itself once, I can expect God to manifest in the same manner again – and again and again.

I only need to remember this and expect Him to show up. If I don’t recall my testimonies, I might encounter a situation I’ve been in before, without seeing a solution for it.

If I for instance meet someone today with a toothache and do not recall what I have seen in the past, it will probably be more challenging for me to ask to pray for that person and believe for their healing.

Or, if I didn’t know God heals today, what are the chances I would even consider praying for someone’s healing?!?

But because I have received testimony from others that He does indeed heal today, I know that “He can do it again”!

Do It Again!

Feast on the testimonies of God’s goodness daily!

When a testimony isn’t ‘mine’, I’ll make it mine; I’ll claim it, because testimony means: “God can do it again!

In my life! In yours!

The Hebrew word for ‘testimony’ comes from a word that means ‘witness’; someone who gives evidence. This word again derives from a primitive root, meaning ‘to return, to repeat, to do again.’

A testimony isn’t supposed to stay by itself as ‘that one time’. A testimony is to be repeated, to grow, to multiply!!

When I hear a testimony of something good God has done to someone somewhere, it is an invitation extended to me to see this repeated in and around me.