Life before the Breakthrough

I love breakthroughs.
Something’s been very hard for me and then – suddenly – I’ve got breakthrough! What was once such a burden or challenge is not so anymore.

We often get to hear about people’s breakthroughs:

I was chronically ill but praise God, I’m healed now!

We were unable to have children, and now we have three by the grace of God!

I was depressed and suicidal for years but finally God delivered me!

I had no money for food and bills and was about to be evicted. I cried out to God and He came through.

Hearing about other’s breakthroughs are great!
God gets the glory and we are encouraged by hearing that breakthroughs do indeed exist. When it’s happened to someone else I know it can happen to me too!

Still, I miss hearing from people before they’ve got their breakthrough.
To learn how to get breakthrough, I need to know the way there. And I need to know that there’s life before the breakthrough.
How do I go on with life before I’ve had my breakthrough?
What if it takes years before I’m there?!?

I think what happens before the breakthrough is just as important – if not more – as during and after.

It’s easy to think I’ll be a happier person when I’ve had my breakthrough. It’s easy to praise God when I realize He has healed or delivered me!

But I want to know that it’s possible to be happy despite what I’m lacking in some area of my life.
I want to know how to praise Him in the storm.

I know we all love to hear about life after the breakthrough.

I love breakthroughs and have my own personal experiences which I can share with others.

Still, there are breakthroughs I’m contending for right now, and I’m learning how to live victoriously in the process, which I dare say is a breakthrough in itself 😉

I’m telling you, there’s life before the breakthrough as well!

It can be gloriously messy and challenging, but oh, so full of life and oh, so rewarding.


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