His Love Qualifies Me

His (God’s) love qualifies me!

This is by no means some expression I came up with, but I’ve thought about it a great deal lately.

Of course, this is something I need to be reminded of and meditate upon in all seasons, but as I’ve entered a new season with new challenges, I’ve needed to make sure I live by this standard.

His love qualifies me.

Or else I’ll live by other standards such as:

Other people’s approval of me qualifies me

People’s praise of me qualifies me

When I’m succeeding at everything I do, I’m qualified.

Some days these standards will work excellently for me!
But most days they won’t. Not even close.

More often than not there will be incidents at work or in my private life screaming in my face:

You’re not good enough! You’re not meeting the standards.

The truth is:
Not everyone will approve of me and what I do

Not everyone will praise me and like what I do

Not everything I do will succeed (or seem to do so)

Trying to live by these standards is never a good idea. Even when they seem to work for me one day they will come back and slap me in the face the next.

When I’m praised by others and make that my mark of qualification I need to be praised more and more – so that I will keep knowing that I’m qualified.

When I succeed at something I would want to keep succeeding – nothing wrong with that! – but if I make this my mark of qualification – what happens when I don’t succeed??

I’m not saying no to succeeding, to be encouraged and approved by others. It’s pivotal for me and all of us to experience this at some level.

I have to admit that:
I love to feel approved and praised
I love to feel that I’ve succeeded at something

But there’s only one thing which qualifies me:
His love



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