Peace in the storm

In my last posting I talked about getting back things which have been stolen or lost – in this case a bike and a journal. Even though God truly encountered me through these incidents, these items are pretty minor losses compared to many other things, be it your health or more intangible things, such as relationships or your hope and joy.

I believe God has a way of speaking to and through us even before we know it’s Him. When my parents were searching for a name for their newborn daughter they decided upon Eirin (Erin), simply because they liked the name and it was modern. They had no idea where the name originated from until I was christened and received a children’s book in which the story’s protagonist had my name.

As it turns out, my name means Peace, and I don’t think this is a coincidence. All throughout my life I’ve been told by numerous people that I carry and bring a lot of peace. I will go somewhere and shift the atmosphere, not because of something I do but because I bring myself. And I am Peaceful.

Even so, I haven’t always felt peaceful. So many times I’ve had people tell me how much peace emanates from me, and in my mind I’ve wondered what they’re talking about:

I don’t feel peaceful at all! My inside is in turmoil!”

For a long time I would disregard what people told me because it didn’t line up with what I was experiencing on the inside..

But eventually I decided to believe the truth I couldn’t see or feel most of the time instead of the lie that I felt exposed to all the time.

I believe God created me to be in His peace and to shift atmospheres by carrying and bringing His peace, and the enemy has worked hard to take my gift of peace away from me.
Now, this is something which is really valuable and that he wants to steal – not just from me, but from everybody.

We are, however, all meant to have the peace of God.

Just have a look at Philippians 4:7:

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

If you find your sense of joy, peace or hope missing in your life, I bet you someone’s stealing from you – stealing from you the joy and peace that is rightfully yours:

for the kingdom of God is (not eating and drinking, but) righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 14:17)
If your joy and peace have been taken away from you – it’s time you claim your joy and peace back!

I want my joy back!”
“I want my peace back!”

No one’s called to live a life filled with depression, fear and unrest.
– including you!
You will probably experience several hardships in life – but even in them you can have the peace and joy of God!

I know..
unless you’ve experienced this for yourself it sounds impossible that one can have peace in any situation.

I haven’t been in every storm there is – but I’ve been in enough storms to know that it is possible to have peace that my logic cannot comprehend.

The same goes for joy. I have been in numerous situations where I know that I “should” feel depressed, stressed and even fearful. And still, I’ve felt overwhelming peace and joy.

I release an increase of God’s joy and peace over your life – right now!

The ability to rejoice in the midst of adversity
And dismantle the enemy’s schemes with your laughter
To sleep soundly through any storm
And still the storms in the lives of others.


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