We have it all right here

I want to address something I’ve seen time and time again which bothers me. Since I’m not sure exactly what to call this phenomenon I’ll simply give some examples. I’m pretty sure you will recognize this kind of situation – unfortunately..

From time to time any given church community is  likely to have guests – perhaps an itinerary speaker or a team of people coming by to teach, encourage and bless the church and surrounding community. This is great! I’ve been on the receiving end many times and have been thoroughly blessed by this.

I’ve been a part of numerous ministry teams and have been perhaps even more blessed by that!

I love the exchange taking place between different churches, cities and nations. I am super excited every time we ( the church(es)) have guests or whenever I get to go and bless another church.

Speakers and ministry teams have a lot to offer the church and surrounding community. No doubt about it!

What bothers me is what usually happens when the guest(s) are leaving.

“Now what will we do until they come back?!” Sigh.

“We need to make sure they come back as soon as possible!”

“They had such an amazing gifting -what a blessing!”

“Oh, if only we had someone like them here..”

I’m serious – I’ve encountered this and more both at home and other places I’ve been. And it bothers me greatly. There’s this mentality of

“There’s not enough to go around, and what exists does not reside here..!”

I’m telling you, there is enough of all we need – ’cause God is here and we are here! God is the same everywhere. And God has the same power in you as in me. It may LOOK different, but whatever YOU need in YOUR life and to impact and love YOUR community, God knows about it and can give you according to YOUR needs.

Our churches and communities are filled with resources and blessings but too often we fail to recognize just how much we have. I’m just as guilty of this as anyone else.

As much as I love guest speakers and teams and what they bring with them, I believe the ultimate purpose of this must be that the local church becomes so activated and equipped that they won’t need speakers or teams to come every now and then anymore. Instead, they’ll keep themselves activated and equipped and will send out teams themselves in order to bless and activate others!

“What will we do until they get back?!”

Practice what we’ve been taught!

Then, next time a team comes around, they can give God praise for what has come of their teaching and then teach on a deeper level instead of repeating the same thing.

“We need to make sure they come back as soon as possible!”

I love having guests so I personally can’t wait to have them back. But if the reason we need them back is that we can’t get anything done on our  own, or we need them to get any kind of breakthrough, something’s off.

Instead, believe that you and your church have everything it takes and believe for breakthroughs in all seasons. Be excited for the testimonies you will have to share next time the team come around!

“They had such an amazing gifting – what a blessing!”

Yes, they do, but so do we! If there’s something we need that we’re missing in our local church, I believe it’s there; we just haven’t realized it yet  ..!

The difference between a ministry team and us is not the gifting or the lack thereof. If anything,  it is that they’re stepping out and therefore are growing in their gifting. So can we.

“Oh, if only we had someone like them here..”

Well, we do – it’s all of us! We may think speakers and ministry teams are of a different kind than us and carry a special anointing. It sure does feel as if they have something we don’t. Well, I’m telling you, I’ve been on both sides and we are all pretty much the same.

We can all minister greatly to each other – we all have that potential.

So far, I’ve talked about how we can find just as much resources and blessings in our local church community as anywhere else, if only we bother to search for it.

There is however one thing that I find is unique to the church in which we’re a part of and that any speaker or team cannot give us:


The guests will eventually leave and although  memories and teachings will be remembered and maybe even letters will be exchanged, they cannot stay around and provide us this one thing.

Fortunately, we can.







One thought on “We have it all right here

  1. I really like your point! I am agree what you shared , this is very serious issue- to look for bigger brother to bring us revival. So sad…

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