Recently I found myself at work cleaning toilets, which is not an unfamiliar task for me at all. In fact, I’ve done it so much growing up, getting paid to do it has been a huge upgrade!

While cleaning I was thinking somewhere along the lines of:
I feel ready to move on from this to something else” (i.e. get promoted)

And I felt God saying to me right away:
You already got promoted!

And I felt so blessed.
Cleaning toilets is an honor.
Feeling God’s pleasure while at it is bliss.

Promotions in the Kingdom look different from what we usually think of. They may look lowly to others. Even nasty. And they’re costly.

And whether I move on to something “nicer” doesn’t really matter. I know I have been promoted already. There’s no reason to strive.

I am “in” the promotion!
And if I end up cleaning toilets all my life, I will do it, confident that God is pleased with me and has given me a great honor.


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