Connection Time

I live with some truly amazing women of God who I know will all go out and change the world.

Truthfully, I believe they already are.


Even though we all have busy lives, we still see each other a lot. Hey, we live together!

Daily we interact, from sharing meals, having deep conversations, watching a movie, praying together, encouraging each other, laughing our heads off (all the time), doing chores, homework, having people over, and the list goes on.

To top it off – we see each other in school too.

Still, my room mate Laura, and I recently felt the need to at some point set up a coffee date just for the two of us.

Somehow, we’re still not getting our relational needs met as much as we desire. Honestly, I found it strange that we still had this need, when things are as perfect as they are. Then I read a friend’s blog post, and it all made more sense.

My friend is married, and even though she and her husband see each other all the time, they still got to a point where they realized their need to be intentional and have “date time” with each other in order to be fully connected.*

An example she used was how God is always with us and we with Him; still we need to set aside “alone time” with Him. It’s essential to our relationship; our connection.

So me and my room mate are going out on a coffee date this weekend. You know it’s a good community you’re in when you want to get away – to spend more time together!

Personally, I believe God is preparing us for marriage.


I’m excited.

For my coffee date or for marriage, you may ask?




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