On a Mission

In the end of March, most of the students in our school went on different mission trips, spreading us out all over the world. Two-three weeks later we were all back again and changed for ever!

Let’s just say I’ve heard some really good testimonies the past few weeks.

Blind eyes and deaf ears opened. Cancer gone. Signs and wonders. People being saved, healed and delivered.

Everyone loves to hear and also share these kinds of testimonies, and this year was no exception.

Still, I did notice a theme in all the different testimonies I’ve heard thus far this year.

What was it?

They all thought they were going out on missions – to reach others with God’s love. Which is correct – we were all going out on a mission!

All over the world, there were people about to experience God’s love and power, who had no idea what was coming their way! A lot of them didn’t know God would come and rock their world, healing them physically, emotionally, etc. A lot of them didn’t even know God existed and would come to visit them – permanently.

We got to be a part of God’s setup for them!

While we all thought we were going out on missions, however, God had a surprise up His sleeve:

He was on a mission to get to us! 

Yes, He is with us all the time, but somehow, as we go out to minister to others, we do set ourselves up for ministry. By Him!

I think He’s sometimes just waiting for the moment when we are fully occupied ministering to others, and WHAM – Surprise!

I bet He gets a kick out of it too.

God is on a mission to get to you! 

Want breakthrough? Break through for others!








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