Testimony of Someone

Another story from a ministry trip:

About a year ago, I had had a lot on my plate for a while, and felt physically and emotionally drained.

Someone on the team I was with advised me to take a day off, and I took their advice. Sometimes you need help from others to make that decision.
So I wake up the next morning and expect everyone else to be out doing ministry of some sort. Well, they all are. But not everyone are doing what I’m expecting. 

Someone comes and serves me breakfast and keeps me company while I eat.

What do you need today? Someone says.

I don’t know, I say. What I’m thinking is that Someone shouldn’t stay with me. Someone is the kind of person who could lead 5 people to the Lord before lunch. I won’t stand in the way of that!

No, really. What would be good for you right now? Someone says.

I’ll be ok, I say. And I mean it.

But Someone is persistent.

Honestly, to go out, get some fresh air and a coffee, I eventually say.

Let’s go, Someone says.


I’m about to decline, but feel God’s love and healing on this moment.

Don’t let go of such a precious moment. Receive it!

It’s true. It took me about 10 years in ministry, before someone chose me over a potentially great testimony or ministry opportunity (That I know of).
Someone didn’t get a great testimony to share with everyone from that day. Instead, I’m testifying of Someone, who was willing to give up the great and exalted seat and go low. For me.

I don’t know whether or not this was a tough decision for Someone. Whether it was or not, Someone knew how to stop for the one. Right in front of them. 

On a sidenote:

I’ve heard a lot about letting family come before your career or ministry, which I totally agree with. Usually, the issue is a husband putting his career or ministry first, and his family second.
I’ve never been married, so consequentially I’ve never had a husband choosing his career or ministry over me. But it’s not all about some husbands!

It’s about all of us. It’s so easy to miss the ministry opportunity in front of us, look past it and go after the “real ministry”.
For all of us who are not married (yet), we also need others to choose us over some ministry opportunity.

Stop for the one. You probably won’t have to go very far. 

Thank you Someone.



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