Just Receive

So Laura and I went on our coffee date and got to catch up on a million things, such as our recent mission trips. As amazing as that was, what Laura shared with me afterwards, as we were on our way back home, really inspired me. To write. This. *

For about a week after missions she had been feeling distant from God. It all started with her listening to some secular music one day. At some point afterwards she was feeling distant from God and eventually decided that it must be because of her listening to that music earlier. Even so, she couldn’t get out of this feeling of being distant. She found it hard to get close to God at all.

Even though she sensed God saying to her throughout the week:

“Just receive.” 

Fortunately, at some point Laura realized that it wasn’t the music she had listened to earlier on that week that kept her from feeling close to God and loved by Him. And it wasn’t God either. Who can separate us from the love of Christ? Tribulation, distress, persecution, famine, nakedness, peril or sword? What about death or life, angels, principalities or powers, things present or to come? Or height, depth, or any created thing?!? Nope. Nothing can. The love of God which is in Christ Jesus is stronger than all of these things (Romans 8:31-39, paraphrased). 

Try to imagine a God who is so afraid of or disgusted by what we all do, that He cannot help but distance Himself from us every time we fail to meet His standards. It would mean perpetual separation. He wouldn’t have time to come back on the scene again before something else occurred.. 

Remember the Garden? God didn’t separate Himself from Adam and Eve. They hid from Him. But He was calling out for them. He wanted connection. And He hasn’t changed! 

Laura realized how much she had felt that she had to do the “right things” in order to stay intimate with God. Then, when she happened to feel distant from God, naturally she searched for an answer to why. What had she done wrong?? It must have been that music.. 

Thankfully, God’s love is unconditional. His love for Laura didn’t change a bit because she listened to some music. It wouldn’t change for the worse if she had killed someone. It wouldn’t change for the better if she was the most saintly person alive. 

I would suggest that there’s only one thing that can separate you from God’s love:


Not from messing up and disqualifying yourself. Then we’d all be in big trouble. 

But we all have a choice to make. Will we say yes to God’s love? To His gift of grace? Or will we try to earn His love and run away from Him when we mess up? 

Once Laura realized the lie she believed; having to work hard and not mess up in order to stay connected to God, she laughed at it. 

Instead she could fully embrace the truth: “Nothing can separate me from the love of God. Nothing.” 

What was left to do? Absolutely nothing. 

Just receive. 

And so she did.. 


* with permission from said person 🙂 




On a Mission

In the end of March, most of the students in our school went on different mission trips, spreading us out all over the world. Two-three weeks later we were all back again and changed for ever!

Let’s just say I’ve heard some really good testimonies the past few weeks.

Blind eyes and deaf ears opened. Cancer gone. Signs and wonders. People being saved, healed and delivered.

Everyone loves to hear and also share these kinds of testimonies, and this year was no exception.

Still, I did notice a theme in all the different testimonies I’ve heard thus far this year.

What was it?

They all thought they were going out on missions – to reach others with God’s love. Which is correct – we were all going out on a mission!

All over the world, there were people about to experience God’s love and power, who had no idea what was coming their way! A lot of them didn’t know God would come and rock their world, healing them physically, emotionally, etc. A lot of them didn’t even know God existed and would come to visit them – permanently.

We got to be a part of God’s setup for them!

While we all thought we were going out on missions, however, God had a surprise up His sleeve:

He was on a mission to get to us! 

Yes, He is with us all the time, but somehow, as we go out to minister to others, we do set ourselves up for ministry. By Him!

I think He’s sometimes just waiting for the moment when we are fully occupied ministering to others, and WHAM – Surprise!

I bet He gets a kick out of it too.

God is on a mission to get to you! 

Want breakthrough? Break through for others!







Testimony of Someone

Another story from a ministry trip:

About a year ago, I had had a lot on my plate for a while, and felt physically and emotionally drained.

Someone on the team I was with advised me to take a day off, and I took their advice. Sometimes you need help from others to make that decision.
So I wake up the next morning and expect everyone else to be out doing ministry of some sort. Well, they all are. But not everyone are doing what I’m expecting. 

Someone comes and serves me breakfast and keeps me company while I eat.

What do you need today? Someone says.

I don’t know, I say. What I’m thinking is that Someone shouldn’t stay with me. Someone is the kind of person who could lead 5 people to the Lord before lunch. I won’t stand in the way of that!

No, really. What would be good for you right now? Someone says.

I’ll be ok, I say. And I mean it.

But Someone is persistent.

Honestly, to go out, get some fresh air and a coffee, I eventually say.

Let’s go, Someone says.


I’m about to decline, but feel God’s love and healing on this moment.

Don’t let go of such a precious moment. Receive it!

It’s true. It took me about 10 years in ministry, before someone chose me over a potentially great testimony or ministry opportunity (That I know of).
Someone didn’t get a great testimony to share with everyone from that day. Instead, I’m testifying of Someone, who was willing to give up the great and exalted seat and go low. For me.

I don’t know whether or not this was a tough decision for Someone. Whether it was or not, Someone knew how to stop for the one. Right in front of them. 

On a sidenote:

I’ve heard a lot about letting family come before your career or ministry, which I totally agree with. Usually, the issue is a husband putting his career or ministry first, and his family second.
I’ve never been married, so consequentially I’ve never had a husband choosing his career or ministry over me. But it’s not all about some husbands!

It’s about all of us. It’s so easy to miss the ministry opportunity in front of us, look past it and go after the “real ministry”.
For all of us who are not married (yet), we also need others to choose us over some ministry opportunity.

Stop for the one. You probably won’t have to go very far. 

Thank you Someone.


Giving It Up

Just a few days ago I came home from an amazing, life-altering mission trip. We got to see and be a part of people being saved, healed and delivered. Loved upon. Touched by God. We met people in the dumps. And in the government. We went to schools, hospitals, a jail. We befriended young and old. And we had a lot of fun! 

I have some really good testimonies I could share just from the past two weeks. 

Instead, something else was stirred in my heart to share. 

During the trip I was in a situation where I was about to experience something I’ve contended for for a long time (i.e. years). 

However, I knew this was important for another person as well. 

I didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity that I had been waiting for for so long. 

Ultimately, I felt God saying to me that I wouldn’t lose out even if I gave up my chance for now. If I want something so badly I can’t let others have it for fear I won’t get it myself, it’s better that I’m without. It would become an idol. If I treasure something more than the hearts of others, I need to let it go. 

So, I decided I’d let the other person get the opportunity. As it turns out, something came up, and the opportunity was handed back to me. But I had already made the decision in my heart. What I had contended for, finally happened.

But first, I gave it away.