Powerful Laughter versus Ridiculous Lies

The other night, Melissa (one of my housemates) and I, were hanging out in the kitchen, and she started reading some declarations* by Steve Backlund that were posted on one of the walls there. 

Such as: 

I live under supernatural protection!” 

I prosper in all my relationships!

In Jesus, I am 100 % loved and worthy to experience all of God’s blessings!” 

As Melissa and I read one of them out loud, she realized one of the lies she’s been believing about herself, and replaced it with the truth. 

On a whim, I asked her: 

So, have you heard any good lies lately?” 

I proceeded to tell her some good ones myself: 

 “I will never see breakthrough in my family!

I have to be perfect to be lovable!

Not long after we were on the floor laughing so hard..

Lies are so ridiculous once you say them out loud! Here are some of them: 

Since I made a mistake, I am a mistake!” 

I am only loved for what I do, not for who I am!” 

I will never get married!” 

I am not a good leader!” 

I will always be in debt!” 

I am stuck in a bad cycle and I will never get out of it!” 

Funny thing, we didn’t even have to replace these lies with words of truth…

because as we spoke them out loud, we couldn’t help but laugh at them. 

The joy and hope in our laughter consumed the lies. 


Happy Friday! 😀 


*Declarations. Every day we declare truths or lies over ourselves, knowingly or unknowingly. 


“I’m such a klutz”

“I will never learn this.. !”

“No one wants to hang out with me..” 

or positive: 

“I can do this!” 

“I am a talented writer.” 

“I look great!” 

Declarations, whether positive or negative, are powerful. What you declare over yourself, will have its effect, for good or for bad. 


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