Sharpen Up

The other day I was reading in Proverbs and started meditating upon this part: 

As iron sharpens iron, 

so one person sharpens another (27:17, NIV). 

We sharpen each other. Did you know that? 

I began thinking about how tools such as knives and axes will get blunt after being used for some time. Not only will they be less effective; they will also be more prone to cause injury of some sort.. However, if you stop and take some time to sharpen these tools, they will regain their original sharpness, and you will find that you can use them more effortlessly. The tools you have will work well for you and be a blessing. 

Iron needs to be sharpened on a regular basis. 

So do we. 

I need people in my life to sharpen me. 

How do I get sharpened? 

In community with others. Intimate community. I need community to strengthen me, to be accountable towards, to be loved upon. As I get sharpened by community, I will be less prone to hurting myself and others, and my life will also be more fulfilled, the way it was intended to be. I am able to be all that I am created to be. I might have to work hard, but not strive. I’ve been sharpened, and what I have to give, will be enough.  

I need to be sharpened. 

I need ongoing and intimate community with others on a daily basis in order to run a good race. 




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