Life Theme

My theme for this blog is Love & Community. 

Even more so, I believe my theme for life is Love & Community. 

I have this ongoing lifelong project or mission called “love well”, and I’m learning and growing every day. 

I’m also seeking to go deeper in community. I want to know others and to be known. It’s part of who I am; what I was created for. 

Bob Jones (passed away on Valentine’s day, 2014), went to Heaven several years ago (but was sent back to earth again), and was asked one question:

“Did you learn how to love?” 

He wasn’t asked what he did, but whether he loved or not. 

Then again, if you love well, you’ll do well. 

This is what I seek to excel in, more and more throughout my life. 

How do I love well? I would love some comments on that! =D 




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