Valentine’s Day

In case it escaped anyone’s attention 

Today was Valentine’s day. 

A day dedicated for remembering and celebrating the ones we love. 

For some, it’s a day of being pursued romantically. For others it’s still a day of being 

pursued – by friends and family. 

I wasn’t asked out on a date today. No one gave me roses or chocolate. 

But I was very much pursued. I felt very loved and pursued by friends.

And even more so, God has been pursuing me hard! 

Not just today, but every day.

I do want to be pursued by a man. it’s a beautiful thing. 

But at the same time, my heart is bursting with joy because the Creator of the Universe is pursuing me! Always and forever! 

He wants me, He delights in me, He says I’m worthy of His love and attention, He thinks I am beautiful and lovely! I’m to die for! 

He will never stop pursuing me. He is the Pursuer.  

Today was no exception to the rule. 



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