Community 101 – Practically Speaking

So I shared some thoughts the other day on the importance of community; of being sharpened. 

I didn’t say how you attain community, however. 

The reason(s) why:

1) I try to keep my posts relatively short (so you will actually read them) 

2) I’m still learning how to attain community, and what community means 😉 

3) my computer froze (true) 


What I can say about attaining community as of now is: 

Keep contending for community, and you will eventually see it happen. 

And by contending, I actually mean such words as desiring, wanting, searching, longing, striving, struggling, stretching, etc. 

In Matthew 7:7, Jesus is saying: 

 Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. 

This is a promise we can all embrace, also when it comes to community. 

He will give us, but we have to ask. He says we will find it, but we have to seek it. He says it will be opened up for us, but we have to knock

I see attaining authentic community as a gift from God, His grace. 

At the same time, attaining and staying in community is highly practical

You have to really want it, and be intentional about attaining and staying in community.

Community won’t just happen by itself. If you’re waiting for others to initiate it, you will probably have to wait for a long time. 

Are you willing to be vulnerable and take the first step? 

You also need to want community so much, you’re willing to go all the way. Even when it takes all you’ve got, and it seems that the easiest way would be to simply walk away from it. 

Are you willing to be vulnerable, accountable, receive and give love freely, forgive, confront, do life with, and die for others

It will cost you, yes, but the interest is also great! 

It is so worth it. That I know. 




Sharpen Up

The other day I was reading in Proverbs and started meditating upon this part: 

As iron sharpens iron, 

so one person sharpens another (27:17, NIV). 

We sharpen each other. Did you know that? 

I began thinking about how tools such as knives and axes will get blunt after being used for some time. Not only will they be less effective; they will also be more prone to cause injury of some sort.. However, if you stop and take some time to sharpen these tools, they will regain their original sharpness, and you will find that you can use them more effortlessly. The tools you have will work well for you and be a blessing. 

Iron needs to be sharpened on a regular basis. 

So do we. 

I need people in my life to sharpen me. 

How do I get sharpened? 

In community with others. Intimate community. I need community to strengthen me, to be accountable towards, to be loved upon. As I get sharpened by community, I will be less prone to hurting myself and others, and my life will also be more fulfilled, the way it was intended to be. I am able to be all that I am created to be. I might have to work hard, but not strive. I’ve been sharpened, and what I have to give, will be enough.  

I need to be sharpened. 

I need ongoing and intimate community with others on a daily basis in order to run a good race. 



Life Theme

My theme for this blog is Love & Community. 

Even more so, I believe my theme for life is Love & Community. 

I have this ongoing lifelong project or mission called “love well”, and I’m learning and growing every day. 

I’m also seeking to go deeper in community. I want to know others and to be known. It’s part of who I am; what I was created for. 

Bob Jones (passed away on Valentine’s day, 2014), went to Heaven several years ago (but was sent back to earth again), and was asked one question:

“Did you learn how to love?” 

He wasn’t asked what he did, but whether he loved or not. 

Then again, if you love well, you’ll do well. 

This is what I seek to excel in, more and more throughout my life. 

How do I love well? I would love some comments on that! =D 



Valentine’s Day

In case it escaped anyone’s attention 

Today was Valentine’s day. 

A day dedicated for remembering and celebrating the ones we love. 

For some, it’s a day of being pursued romantically. For others it’s still a day of being 

pursued – by friends and family. 

I wasn’t asked out on a date today. No one gave me roses or chocolate. 

But I was very much pursued. I felt very loved and pursued by friends.

And even more so, God has been pursuing me hard! 

Not just today, but every day.

I do want to be pursued by a man. it’s a beautiful thing. 

But at the same time, my heart is bursting with joy because the Creator of the Universe is pursuing me! Always and forever! 

He wants me, He delights in me, He says I’m worthy of His love and attention, He thinks I am beautiful and lovely! I’m to die for! 

He will never stop pursuing me. He is the Pursuer.  

Today was no exception to the rule. 


Monday Morning Party

Some wait till the weekend to party. 

I don’t. 

I can’t wait that long! 

It’s Monday morning, and I’m already at it. 

Dancing, singing, rejoicing, laughing, jumping around. Getting filled up by His goodness and mercy. 

God’s people are no party poopers. 

In fact, we like to start early, and go forever. 

And if we can’t find a party, we’ll throw a party ourselves! 

How most people can do with only once or twice a week is beyond me.. 

Date Time

Monday morning and I’ve already been on a smoking hot date! 

Yes, that’s correct. A date. 

There’s nothing I like better than starting the day (and week) with a date, being loved on 

by the one I love.

He simply loves to tell and show me, over and over, how much he loves me, and why. 

My love is gentle, compassionate, faithful, strong, and a lot of fun! 

Some moments are so tender and sweet. He gently caresses me. He holds me in his arms,

and I know everything will be ok. 

The next moment he’ll make me laugh. Hard. 

No one can make me laugh the way he does. 

I get to see him whenever I want to. 

And sometimes he surprises me; comes when I don’t even expect it. 

After each date I’m in a daze. All I can think of is him. 

He makes all things beautiful, filled to the brim with hope and opportunity! 

Can you blame me for seeing the world around me this way!?

I’m in love!