The Simplest Words

You know when you really want to share something extraordinary, or write something quite profound? 

And then you find yourself too tired to think of anything

That, of course, never happens to me. 


Actually, I was reminded today of one of those extraordinary, yet simple moments. 

Last year, I was part of a group of people meeting on a regular basis. From time to time we’d have visitors coming, and custom here is to give visitors a “word”*. 

For some reason, no one really jumped to the occasion, and the leader of our group jokingly said: 

“God loves you, and has a great plan for your life.” 

So cliché. 

And still.. 

It was as if we all paused for a moment, and although everyone laughed, it was a very sobering moment. 

God loves you.. 

Is that not a good word? A needed one? What loving parents would stop telling their children how much they love them just because they’ve already heard it once or twice? 

He has a great plan for your life.. 

Honestly, who doesn’t need to hear that from time to time? 

We all needed to hear these words that day. And we need to hear them every day and stop and think about the implications of these simple words. They contain so much. 

God. Loves. You. 

And. He. Has. A. Great. Plan. For. Your. Life. 

* Word 

In case you’re wondering, word here means a word from God to a person or group. The word needs to be encouraging, comforting and/or edifying. The word given above is truly encouraging and comforting, but also very general. Words from God can also be very specific, giving direction and encouragement into a person’s life. 









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