Going To The Impossible Places

(Written 2012) 

I’ve gradually become aware of how I tend to write things off before even considering them.

I won’t even ask myself:

“Do I want to do this?”

Instead, I move on and go for something else; something I know can happen. Something that is likely to work out. Something I know I can afford. Some area where I know I am qualified. Something I can do in my own strength, so to speak. 

During Christmas Break I had more time than usual to sit down and really think about life. Especially life coming up in the next few months. 

I realized how much I won’t even consider certain things, but instead I’d say “No” before I’d even dared to dream.


Either because I didn’t know how it could happen financially (which is really an issue of not trusting God).. 

And/or because if you have dreams, they can be shattered. You may not get to do what you dream of, at least not as soon as you’d like to. You may have to face being rejected some times (whether it’s personal or not). 

As I realized how I was thinking,  I knew I had a choice to make – ASAP!

Would I go on to the Impossible Places, or would I stop my journey right here and now and go home? 

I decided to go for the Impossible Places. I decided that I would go for my dreams, unless God specifically led me another direction. It didn’t really matter whether I got that dream fulfilled. I’m not saying it didn’t matter to me at all, but I knew that even going for the impossible was the most important for me in this season. This meant stepping out and being vulnerable. I would have to really trust God to come through. I would have to trust that He was backing my dreams. And I would have to trust people in the process. Trust people with my dreams and desires. 

And, since I know God is good, I knew that if He stopped me from doing a certain thing, it’d mean He had something better in store for me! 

Going to the Impossible Places is an interesting journey, though; much like finding the end of the rainbow, I can imagine.

It’s beautiful, exciting, it’s different.

It’s also a bit surreal, and no one will understand what you’re doing, unless they’re going to the same place. Most of all, what you attempt to do is impossible, as the name implies. Then, as you’re there, it’s not impossible anymore, and the Impossible Places aren’t quite where you’re at anymore – they moved. Just like that rainbow. And, suddenly you’ll find that what seemed impossible has become possible, and not only that – others will look at where you are – and think it’s totally normal. That means it’s time to move on. 

When I go in search for the impossible, everything can happen! I set myself up for success. I let God prove “them” wrong, all those saying it can’t be done. You see, it can be done – with God! 

What are your impossibilities right now?

I invite you to go on a journey, find the place, and make a way for others to follow! You’ll find gold at the end of the rainbow. You’ll always move on a wealthier person. 



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