God’s Hot Chocolate

(this story started unfolding around 5 years ago.)

I am one of those tea drinkers. I love tea and drink it regularly. Coffee is good too.

But hot chocolate? I have to admit I’m not very fond of it. At all. I know this might offend some (read: a lot of) people, but it is true.

One day I met with Jesus for one of our little tea parties. (If you already thought I was weird, this statement probably completed your opinion of me. But that’s ok.)

We’d always met for tea, coffee, or maybe wine. This time was slightly different. I drank tea, alright. But Jesus.. I suddenly realized He was drinking hot chocolate!


Jesus knew (how does He do that?) that I was surprised even before I said anything.

Here I am, thinking I control this daydream of mine, and I find it is a very real, interactive sort of daydream (this was very new to me back then), where more than one person participates. It sure makes things more interesting.

Jesus looked at me in a teasing, sneaky kind of way, before explaining to me.

He said:

“Even though you don’t like hot chocolate, I actually LOVE hot chocolate!

Hey, I even created it!”

He looked at me in His loving way, smelled His drink and looked genuinely blissful. He enjoyed every little sip of that mug of hot chocolate.

With Jesus, a conversation or meal can last for days and months. It takes the time you need, want, and give into it. A couple of weeks later we were still at it. And that’s when He started to unravel the deeper meaning of what He wanted to convey to me.

He said,

“You are my hot chocolate. And I thoroughly enjoy you! Every little sip, from start to finish. You may not like or love yourself, but I do! And no matter how you feel about yourself, the truth that I love and enjoy you will never change. I even LIKE you!

I choose to be with you, to enjoy your presence. Not because I am God and that is part of my character, so I have to. No, I do it because I really want to. Your presence is not something I have to endure. As a matter of fact, it is something I can’t wait to have more of!”

Later on, I realized how I comfort God! Just like hot chocolate, I give comfort to Him.

I’m sweet and sugary, which causes you to always want more. I’m warm, thawing up hands and hearts. When I’m around, people’s faces brighten up, and everybody feel better.

Later on, Jesus also told me:

“You’re My hot chocolate, but also hot chocolate for the world! People enjoy you more than you think, and you simply make everything better with your warmth, your richness and sweetness.”

You may not like or love yourself, but God for sure does, and God makes good stuff!

Please join me for some declarations:

Just by being who I am..

.. I am lovable

.. I am likeable

.. I am enjoyable

.. I am delighted in

.. I am a comfort

How I feel does NOT change who I am!

I am God’s hot chocolate.


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