Lately I’ve been thinking about why we have a heartbeat.

I actually asked God about this; He would be the One to know, right ;).

I mean, I understand that there’s a scientific explanation behind it – it’s not that.

I just started wondering why did God make us the way He did?

He sure didn’t have to. I think there is a reason for everything. Why did He give us a heartbeat?

I know that heartbeats have a special significance to us all, whether we think about it or not. And it’s not just our own heartbeat, which basically tells us we are alive and well.

No, for a baby for instance, the heartbeat of his mom or dad will calm him down. He will feel safe. The first thing you really get to hear, are the heartbeats of your mom – while you’re still in the womb!

We don’t have to understand a whole lot. We just know;

“where the heartbeat is, I am safe. This is something I know, it’s familiar.”

The heartbeat tells us someone are alive. It tells us someone are close. And not only close by, but actually intimately close.

I mean, you can’t naturally hear someone’s heartbeat a mile away or even 2 feet away. No, you have to get close. Skin to skin. You have to actually lay your head at someone’s chest. You need to position yourself to hear. To drown out all other sounds. And once you are this close to someone, be it parent or another loved one, all you really care about is their heartbeat. The very proof that they’re intimately close. That they’re there for you, that they’re alive, that they have positioned themselves to let you hear their heartbeat.

The heartbeat is what makes them alive. It’s their passion, love, spirit; what everything revolves around. They wouldn’t let just anyone get close enough to hear their heartbeat. You have to be a loved one, a child, a lover.

What does the heartbeat tell you? That you are loved, you are favored. You are safe. You are a friend who is trusted with a treasure. 

Entrusting you heart, your heartbeat to someone shows great trust. Why? Because the one you give your heart to needs to handle your heart with care, and treat it like the treasure it is. God has entrusted us with His heart, His heartbeat. He calls us His children. His friends. His bride. He lets us come real close and listen to His heartbeat. 

What a privilege. What an honor. What a joy. 

What a trust! 


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